Our family tradition


Our family tradition

Our products are crafted using recipes deeply grounded in our family's past. For generations the caring touch that sets us apart has been translated into products that bring taste into every household, either as an everyday snack or on festive occasions. 

The caring touch


How do we do it?



All our seasonal products are made following an ancient, unique and sophisticated recipe, the only way to craft big confectionery products with such a long shelf life. We craft our naturally leavened treats using a sourdough starter, a mixture of lactobacilli and yeast, to which we gradually add water and flour. Our starter is a living organism, and it hasn’t changed since the 1960s. This technique ensures our products are light, fragrant and easily digestible.



How are our products so alive with tradition?



Over time we have succeeded in finding the perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and constant innovation, ensuring excellent quality in each of our products. This is underpinned by carefully researching and selecting the raw materials and using state-of-the-art technology. We monitor the life cycle of the product closely, from procuring the raw material and packaging to distribution.



Where does our excellence come from?


Quality is one of our points of excellence, and part of everything we do at the company. That's why, as our technology became more advanced, we also launched a quality control department, which currently employs 12 biologists, chemists and analysts. This in-house department is equipped with state-of-the art technology, and performs chemical, instrumental, microbiological and molecular biology tests. To ensure the quality of our products, we perform more than 140,000 tests every year on raw materials, finished or semi-finished products and packaging. 





How can you be sure of our high quality?



We want you to enjoy Balocco products every day, and so we always strive for the highest quality. For this reason, we comply with the following SGS certifications: BRC (British Retail Consortium), IFS (International Food Standard) and NON-GMO. These certificates prove Balocco’s strong commitment to its customers, and attest that it abides by current food laws and the highest standards of food safety and hygiene. These certificates also ensure that only carefully selected raw materials are used, with no genetically modified ingredients.


BRC Certificate

IFS Certificate

NON OMG Certificate